Swift Not Running For Re-Election

AFL-CIO President Karla
SWIFT is telling those close to her she is not seek re-election when the collection of labor unions holds its elections as soon as June, numerous sources have told MIRS.

Swift took over in 2011 for Ed
GAFFNEY as the preferred candidate of then-UAW President Bob KING. Prior to her four-year term, Swift was the state head of “We Are The People.” The Livonia resident started her working career as a member of UAW Local 483 as a General Motors worker.

The AFL-CIO did not return messages the last two days on the matter.

Under AFL-CIO rules, Swift is in charge of calling a convention during a specific window of time later this year. Sources indicate that could happen as soon as June.

Formal elections for AFL-CIO president are done at the convention with votes allotted to hundreds of delegates based on the number of members a particular union brings to the total membership of the AFL-CIO. 

The UAW has around a third of the delegate weight. Combined with the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), the two groups hold just less than 50 percent of the delegate votes needed for election. In total, about 80 union organizations make up the AFL-CIO with the notable exception of the SEIU, Teamsters, Carpenters and the Michigan Education Association (MEA). 

However, formal votes are rare. Almost without exception, higher-level positions are settled behind closed doors before there’s a floor fight.

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