Business Manager Mark Saba along with Business Agent Tim Mulligan attending a function in Washington DC where Carhart issued a check for 100,000 dollars for the Helmets to Hardhats program. Local 80 is getting involved with this program. We have been introducing our Veterans to a career  in the HVAC field


23 Jul 2015

Business Manager Mark Saba & Architectural Instructor Sam Velez, meeting with members from the Armed Forces to promote the recruitment of Veterans into our Apprenticeship Program.

Snyder Signs Off On Preempting New Local Wage, Sick-Leave Requirements
A bill that would ban local governments from implementing special pay or sick-leave requirements on businesses won the signature of Gov. Rick SNYDER this morning.

Going forward,  HB 4052, which is now Public Act 105, essentially leaves policy making on pay rates, work hours, benefits and leave time up to state and federal decision-makers.

It takes away the ability of local governments to adopt prevailing wage ordinances, sick-leave ordinances or minimum-wage ordinances that exceed state or federal requirements.

That revised bill impacts only local ordinances and resolutions adopted after Dec. 31, 2014.

Snyder Press Secretary Sara WURFEL said in an email today that the Governor believed the legislation had value “to help ensure uniformity and continue to help job creation for Michiganders” while avoiding a “patchwork of varying regulations across state.”

As it moved through the Legislature this year,  HB 4052 drew criticism from local government groups, opposition from Democrats and even a protest during a House committee meeting (See “Protests Erupt, Can’t Derail Bill Limiting Local Rules On Businesses,” 5/19/15).

Opponents, like the organization Progress Michigan, have argued that the bill limits local control and hurts workers, going as far as to call the bill the “Death Star.”

“Gov. Snyder has led a coordinated attack on democracy and workers ever since he set foot into office and this is the next iteration of that effort,” said Lonnie SCOTT, executive director of Progress Michigan. “The freedom to fight for a better future for our communities is being clobbered by Gov. Snyder and his conservative cronies in the Legislature.”

The business community, however, firmly supports the proposal, which they say prevents a “patchwork” of regulations from being created across the state.

Wendy BLOCK, director of health policy and human resources for the Michigan Chamber of Commerce, said the state needs one set of rules for relations between employers and employees, and the new public act is something “that provides predictability” for everyone.

Lawmakers had to restrict the bill’s reach in order to get Snyder’s signature.

For one example, the bill originally included a so-called “catch-all” provision that broadly banned local ordinances that impact the “relationship” between an employee and an employer.

That provision was removed after the bill had already passed the Senate and the House along with the proposal’s retroactivity.

Previously, the bill would have impacted currently standing local prevailing wage ordinances, which there are about 20 of around the state. The version of the proposal Snyder signed, however, affects only future ordinances.

The fate of those ordinances that are currently in place will be decided by a Michigan Supreme Court case over Lansing’s prevailing wage ordinance. That decision may come next month.

In an interview today, Rep. Earl POLESKI (R-Jackson), the sponsor of  HB 4052, said legislation is often a compromise and that he’s pleased the bill has been signed.

Poleski said he hopes businesses that are planning to expand and locate in Michigan can “now do so with greater confidence.”

“I do not think this is an impairment of local control,” Poleski argued. He added, “The best local control is that that’s exercised by a business and its employees.”

HB 4052 was among 14 bills that Snyder officially signed today. In fact,  HB 4052 didn’t even headline the press release announcing the signings.

The release was headlined by  HB 4468. The release’s headline said, “Gov. Rick Snyder signs bill authorizing creation of regional airport authority in Kent County.” That bill is now PA 95.

Of  HB 4052, the release said it “continues work to bolster the state’s job creation climate by ensuring that regulations regarding employment matters are uniform statewide, rather than a patchwork of varying local ordinances employers must navigate.”

The National Federation of Independent Business of Michigan agreed.

According to an NFIB press release, with the new law, Michigan joins 15 other states that have passed preemption legislation dealing with local minimum wage laws. NFIB State Director Charlie OWENS cited the City of Los Angeles’ move to require a local minimum wage of $15 an hour as reason for Michigan “to end run local governments on the issue.”

But local government groups, like the Michigan Association of Counties, the Michigan Municipal League (MML) and the Michigan Townships Association, advocated against the bill.

In a blog post earlier this month, Chris HACKBARTH, who represents MML, labeled the proposal “the grand-daddy of local preemption bills.”

Here’s a rundown of the other bills Snyder signed today, as described in a press release:

HBs 4496 and  HB 4497, sponsored by Rep. Roger VICTORY (R-Hudsonville), allow school districts to recalculate their millage rates for the repayment of bonds used to make capital improvements using the original rate rather than previous years’ recalculated rates, and allow districts to qualify for refinancing so long as they meet the requirements of the Revised Municipal Finance Act. They are now PA 96 and PA 97.

HBs 4271 HB, 4276,  HB 4272,  HB 4273,  HB 4274 and  HB 4385, eliminate regular February election dates, giving local municipalities the opportunity to save thousands of dollars by consolidating dates. The bills are now PA 98, PA 99, PA 100, PA 101, PA 102 and PA 103.

HB 4447, sponsored by Rep. Al PSCHOLKA (R-Stevensville), sets fee schedules for inspecting, assessing and licensing health care facilities to ensure quality compliance. It is now PA 104.

HB 4457, sponsored by Rep. Jim RUNESTAD (R-White Lake), gets rid of a fee charged to potential adoptive parents who register with the state. It is now PA 106.

SB 217, sponsored by Sen. Darwin BOOHER (R-Evart), allows property that contains a combination of agricultural use and forest used for timber harvest to be considered qualified forest property for tax purposes. It is now PA 107.

SB 108, sponsored by Sen. Dale ZORN (R-Ida), allows local units of government, including school districts, to form district libraries. It is now PA 108.

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