Pro-Prevailing Wage Repeal Campaign Files SOS Complaint
The Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC)-based group currently collecting voter signatures to force a legislative vote on repealing the state’s prevailing wage filed an elections complaint against their union-backed opponents.

The “Protecting Michigan Taxpayers” campaign complains the “Protect Michigan Jobs” campaign filed their paperwork four days late.

And while it did file the paperwork, Protect Michigan Jobs reported raising and spending no money, which is suspicious since it has a professional public relations as its public face and anti-prevailing wage repeal unions is running a coordinated “decline to sign” campaign through communications to its membership.

Protecting Michigan Taxpayers fingered the Michigan Building Trades Council; Operating Engineers Local #324, Boilermakers Local No. 169 and IBEW Local 58 with trying to hide their spending against its citizens initiative, which needs 253,000 petition signatures to force a question in the House and Senate.

If the Legislature votes no or doesn’t act on the question, it would go to the Nov. 2016 general election ballot.

“Labor unions and their shadowy front groups may not be big fans of transparency, but that doesn’t mean they can break the law to keep taxpayers in the dark about their donors and campaign spending,” said Chris FISHER, vice president of Protecting Michigan Taxpayers. “Citizens have a right to know who is funding these organizations and what they’re doing with that money. Union bosses are dead wrong if they think they can violate the Michigan Campaign Finance Act and get away with it.”

Dave WAYMIRE of Protecting Michigan Jobs said his group is reviewing the complaint “by those who are trying to lower the wages of Michigan, but his initial blush is the “statements are inaccurate and no more than an attempt to confuse the issue here.

“There has been only one issue from the start: Does Michigan want to use the power of government to cut the pay of construction workers. Surveys show voters say no.”

Under the state’s prevailing wage law, workers on a publicly funded construction site are mandated to receive the prevailing average construction wage for the area in










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26 Aug 2015


Please note: Re-registration starts TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 1 – SEPTEMBER 20TH.

You can re-register by coming to the hall, sending a fax to 248-557-0297, or sending an email to The information you need to include is: name, address, phone number/cell phone number, member number if you have it, and state that you are re-registering for the out of work list.

Our condolences go out to member James Thorton with the passing of his father. Arrangements are as follows:


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As state legislators returned to work this week, much of the buzz in Lansing has centered on attempts to get funding for road and bridge repairs and a bizarre sex scandal. However, one local Democrat is hoping to have an issue rushed through the House prior to his election revisited.

John Chirkun, a Roseville Democrat, announced Wednesday he is introducing a pair of bills that would overturn the right-to-work legislation that eliminated compulsory dues for unions in many workplaces.

In a release, he said the pair of House bills “would return Michigan to a ‘free bargaining’ state, where unions are better positioned to negotiate for pay, benefits and working conditions on behalf of their members.”

At the same time, he took issue with the premise behind legislation pushed through during an end-of-year, lame duck session in 2012.

“The term ‘right-to-work’ is misleading because these laws don’t confer any extra rights, they just weaken unions and hurt workers,” Chirkun said. “Wages, benefits and workplace safety are lower practically across the board in right-to-work states. It’s just bad policy.”

The release went on to say the legislation pushed by Republicans and signed by Gov. Rick Snyder has not had the outcome its backers predicted it would.

“According to the most recent data available from the Department of Technology, Management and Budget, Michigan’s unemployment rate of 5.5 percent continues to be higher than the national average of 5.3 percent. This makes Michigan tied for 28th in the nation, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Right-to-work is not the panacea of job growth that Republicans claim it to be,” Chirkun said.

Chirkun also takes issue with the manner in which right-to-work legislation was approved.

“The manner in which these bills were passed was completely undemocratic. If right-to-work is good policy, why did it have to be rammed through the process?” Chirkun said. “Our state succeeds when its workers succeed, and workers deserve the right to bargain collectively on a level playing field. Right-to-work is wrong for Michigan,” he said.

Chirkun, the former mayor of Roseville, was elected to the House of Representatives in 2014.

In December 2012, the legislation passed mainly along partisian lines with Republicans voting for it and Democrats against. One exception was Sterling Heights Republican Senator Tory Rocca, who voted against the pair of bills.

— Macomb Daily Staff

13 Aug 2015

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