Ask yourself these questions:
• Are you happy with your present rate of pay?
• Is your medical benefit coverage adequate for your family’s needs?
• Do you have retirement provisions such as a 401K or Pension?
• Are you treated fairly and given the respect you deserve?
• Do you often worry about your safety on the job?
• Do you feel discriminated against because of favoritism that is shown to other employees of the company?
• Would training be of interest to you?
• Would you like to increase your work opportunities?

Why Join a Union?

Unions provide social and economic justice to employees who work for an hourly wage. Workers have joined unions because they know they have a far greater chance of success with the strength of a union for support. When an individual goes one-on-one with an employer, the chances for success are virtually zero.

American workers have been joining together in democratic unions since the end of the 18th Century. Economic history has shown that only when workers join together in unions can their voices be heard and the lives for them and their families improved.

Today, some 14 million men and women belong to unions affiliated with the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO). They include teachers, doctors, lawyers, construction workers, airline pilots, technicians, engineers, sports starts, and on and on.

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Why join Sheet Metal Workers’ Local #80?

The only union devoted exclusively to helping workers in the sheet metal industry is the International Association of Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation Workers (SMART).

Local Union No. 80 has award winning training program, where you can acquire the necessary skills to have a successful career in the construction industry. We also offer a very attractive benefits package.

The Advantages of Belonging to Sheet Metal Workers' Union Local #80


Local 80 members have major medical coverage with hospitalization through Blue Cross Blue Shield along with prescription coverage and dental insurance. There is weekly disability benefit if your health forces you to miss work when it is not job related.


Life insurance, accidental death and dismemberment insurance, and retiree’s life insurance are available.


Local 80’s retirement plan pays a set amount per credited year of service with a survivor pension to surviving spouses.


There is a wide spectrum of investment alternatives through Local 80’s annuity plan with Merrill Lynch. You determine the disbursement of your investment funds. There is also a 401K plan available.


As a journeyman, Local 80 members receive additional cash compensation above the hourly rate which is paid monthly.


Supplemental Unemployment Benefits are available through the S.U.B. fund which is in addition to your unemployment compensation benefits from the state.


As a Local 80 member you are offered free training classes at our training facility.    These classes range from trade math to C.A.D.C.A.M. design. Classes are offered on Saturdays and in the evening.


Time and one half is paid for all work more than eight hours and double time after ten hours worked Monday through Friday. On Saturdays, time and one half is paid for the first eight hours and double time thereafter. Sundays and holidays are paid at double time.


You may accept work from any Local 80 union contractor. All of your benefits are paid the same and are transferable from contractor to contractor.

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Local 80 is committed to taking all steps within its authority to provide equal employment opportunity to all members, regardless of racial or ethnic background. Local 80 continually pursues affirmative programs to promote equal employment opportunities. Local 80 will not tolerate, condone, or allow discrimination by any of its members or signatory employers who work within its jurisdiction. Our union continues to set an unmatched standard of excellence, equality, dignity, and fair representation for all. Sheet Metal Workers’ Local Union #80 workers receive state of the art training at our certified and accredited training center. From apprenticeships to the most advanced Journeyman upgrades, our members gain valuable knowledge, practical application, and marketable experience. Top salaries are negotiated in a collective bargaining agreement and voted on by the membership as well as health and welfare benefits, unmatched retirement packages, and tremendous work opportunities – not only with all of our signatory contractors, but throughout the entire Sheet Metal Workers’ International Association. We envision a prosperous future and are a pro-active, progressive organization. We are proud of our long history and confident of our future.

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