MIRS Breaking News: Straight-Ticket Voting Ban Halted By Judge 1:59pm

MIRS BREAKING NEWS: Straight-Ticket Voting Ban Halted By Judge — 1:59 p.m.


If a recently granted injunction remains intact, straight-ticket voting in Michigan is sticking around, according to Mary GUREWITZ, an attorney for the plaintiffs in the case.

Gurewitz said Judge Gershwin DRAIN has granted the plaintiffs’ preliminary injunction in the case, staying the legislation that eliminated straight-ticket voting.

A number of organizations had sued the state over the enactment of the legislation.

It doesn’t mean straight-ticket voting has returned permanently, though. The suit will still go to trial, and the stay is only imposed pending that outcome.

Gurewitz said unless the state manages to file an emergency appeal in federal appeals court and have the injunction overturned, general election ballots across the state should have the straight-ticket option.

Still, Gurewitz is confident the injunction will withstand any challenges. “The sixth circuit case law is very favorable,” Gurewitz said. “We are very pleased.”

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